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How would I know its the right time for me to sell my Property?

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

We are all in different stages of our lives, hence, the "right" time will differ for everyone.

But lets assume that this topic is solely to determine your maximum potential profit you can get from selling your current place.

As you noticed from the graph above which I've extracted from, there are a few "valley" and there are a few "peak" on the Singapore Property Index. In recent years, you can see in 2009, there was a dip "valley" and then the Property Index starts to climb again, until it peaks again in 2013 and again dips.

Today, due to COVID-19, with the lack of manpower in our construction sector, building of new HDB BTOs has slowed down drastically. With shortage of housing supply and high demand from newly married couple, opting for resale apartments, driving the prices of the resale market up. As we speak, the Property Index is at its highest.

So if you were to buy , lets say 2009, and sell today 2021, then you have found the right time to sell your property and make a good profit.

Again, this illustration is solely for sellers looking to make a profit. There are so many reasons to an owner making the decision to sell his/her property.

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